What Is the Net Promoter System?

The System



The huddle is the keystone in the Net Promoter System arch.

Huddles are short, interactive team meetings that take place daily or weekly. And they serve a variety of important purposes in the Net Promoter System.

Huddles aren’t just for frontline employees. Every unit and function can benefit from them, including the senior management team—and a senior team that huddles regularly is sending a powerful message to the organization.

The huddle helps teams develop a feeling of ownership for the customer experience and their own employee experience. It gives them a vehicle for proposing improvements to other functions. It’s a primary facilitator of culture and behavior change in an organization, and it’s a big step on the road toward creating a self-directing, self-correcting workforce.

Leading Great Huddles

Leading Great Huddles

In the best huddles, every team member prepares in advance and is an active contributor to the discussion. Leaders ask open-ended questions and encourage team members to offer suggestions, rather than providing a solution to every problem or defending the company. They delegate part or all of the agenda and facilitation to other people, rather than running everything themselves. They explore why somebody is saying something, rather than cutting that person off.

Good huddles generally end with individuals taking responsibility for specific follow-ups. Participants agree on actions they will take, commit to making improvements, and report back to the group in subsequent huddles.

Huddles require a commitment on the part of leaders throughout the organization. They’re easy to skip or treat casually. But loyalty leaders don’t make that mistake. They understand that huddles are an essential vehicle for building customer advocacy and fostering deep employee engagement. If you aren’t doing huddles in the Net Promoter System, you are missing one of the most powerful mechanisms to transform your organization.

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